Furniture Restoration


Furniture Restoration

People come to their furniture for a variety of reasons. Furniture restoration can be a more cost effective option than replacing an item of furniture. Another reason is sentimental - you may be very attached to a piece of art. Now, it can be one that fits perfectly in your room.


Our skilled restorers can bring their furniture back to its glory. We undertake a myriad of repair work on both antique and modern furniture. An antique chest of drawers often has drawers which need to be made more smoothly, or not drop when they are pulled out. A dining table often has white marks, scratches, a lacquer finish or a polished surface that has deteriorated and we can advise on the best finish to choose. Commonly needed chairs re-joining as they come loose over the years. Veneers sometimes lift or break and need flattening and repairing. We can make up corbels and turnings where they have broken or are missing. Some customers have a lot of new furniture, 


How much does a furniture restoration service cost? It does not matter what the job is - it does not need to cost the earth. At Gallant Restorations we are more than happy to provide you with a free estimate. We can get a good idea from photographs so we can e-mail pictures, we can assess the necessary work. Our team of restorers and conservators have been working on many years of furniture, restoring some wonderful items of both antique and modern furniture. We are always happy to help you.

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