Kitchen Spraying

Give your old kitchens a new lease of life

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Using our quote builder will give you an idea of how much it will cost to spray your kitchen. If you are happy with your estimate you can submit it to us


£40 each - Standard doors are normal height kitchen door fronts

£60 each - Large doors are larder height kitchen door fronts

standard doors: £0

large doors: £0

Total Doors: £0


£20 each - Standard drawers are normal size kitchen drawer fronts

£40 each - Large drawers are large kitchen drawer fronts such as pan drawers

standard drawers: £0

large drawers: £0

Total Drawers: £0


£8 per metre - This is the price per metre of cornicing and kickboards

Meterage cost: £0


£70 each


Corner Units: £0

Extractor Hood: £0

Total Extras: £0

Total Cost

Quote: £0

VAT: £0

Total: £00

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If you would like to proceed and have your kitchen resprayed with us, you can submit your quote to us. Simply add any additional comments or notes and submit the estimate